DABsco Rotary Drum Strip Coolers

Built for life made in U.S.A.

DABsco coolers are simple to install, requiring only 120-volt electrical service, water supply, and drain. Learning to operate the cooler takes a few minutes and becomes very routine after a short time. The DABsco cooler is a simple mechanical machine and can be maintained by in house maintenance personnel. 

Advanced Design Superior Quality

Designed to efficiently cool and apply an anti-stick coating to a wide range of strip rubber compounds as it is produced from mill, extruder, injection molding and similar operations. 
Economical DABsco Coolers are inexpensive and are easily installed in one day. The coolers are compact and can effect substantial savings in labor, energy and product loss while providing virtually maintenance free service for years 

High Quality Components and materials such as stainless steel, Aluminum hot dip galvanize, delrin, pvc, nylon and other corrosion and rust resistant materials are incorporated with superior workmanship and design in the manufacture of DABsco coolers resulting in a very high standard of quality, performance, versatility, value and durability.


Standard Features for all DABsco Coolers
  • Solid state direct current drives
  • Chain, belt, and drum guards
  • Stainless steel drum tank
  • Variable speed DC drum drive
  • Stainless steel lubricant dip tank
  • Cable safety brake control over drum
  • Aluminum product guide rollers
  • Replaceable strip wipers semi-self adjusting
  • Stainless Steel drum and roll shafts
  • Leak proof design no shaft through tank
  • Nylon and delrin bearings where needed
  • Simple threading with magnetic clip
  • Expanded metal drum, galvanized for long life
  • Independent variable speed dc strip tension drive
  • Dual control switches
  • Quality Materials, components, and workmanship

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